How Much Does an Ideal Chinese Online Dating Cost in 2022


In July 2019, Hong Kong-listed Chinese livestreaming firm Inke bought Jimu for USD 85 million in efforts to diversify its business. Earlier in 2019, Tantan was scrubbed from Android and Apple app stores, with the reason rumored to be “spreading pornographic content“. Get full access to all features within our Corporate Solutions. Personally, we feel that some features, such as undoing mistakes, should be in the free version. Initially, you had to use Facebook to create a Bumble profile. However, Bumble recently has allowed those who have a phone to sign up using text verification. Afterward, it’s all a manner of entering your profile information.

If your partner is reluctant to comply with these suggestions, it is the first sign that the person in question may have some intentions that actually differ from yours. QQ has many features like games, links to news articles, as well as a way to learn Chinese or translate phrases into Chinese.

Chinese Online Dating Cost

But that won’t always be the situation, so best not to use colloquial language or complex language right off the bat. That’s a good skill to practice in general, and in China, it’s rewarded. Topics like salary, family history, and education are not off the table when meeting someone new – in fact, they are very much welcomed in many cases, and the dating world is one of them. But dating, like so many things about living in China, is unique to anything you’ll experience at home.

  • Signing up and browsing through all the Asian singles is free, but you’ll only be able to read and reply to messages from Gold and Platinum members.
  • Account holders, for example, often make a point of mentioning their years studying abroad, their love of travel, their jobs in finance or IT, and their parents’ high-flying careers in their statements.
  • Ok, without further ado, let’s get into the descriptions of the five dating sites and apps where I found the most success.
  • Are you wondering how you can patiently study your target without exposing yourself?
  • But she says she knows two couples who got together via HIMMR, and she still thinks it can be useful for some people.

The 1980 Second Marriage Law further enhanced marriage freedom and gender equality in China by protecting women’s interests in domestic violence and divorce. In addition to these laws, China’s Open Door Policy of 1978, which began to expose Chinese to outside cultural influences, further destabilized traditional customs. More young Chinese took the initiative, many driven by romantic love, to seek potential spouses in their circles through school, work, social gatherings or mutual friends.

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How Much Does an Ideal Chinese Online Dating Cost in 2022

But while you’ll likely find plenty of Chinese singles on all of them – finding attractive, intriguing people you actually want to date is a different story. This air of exclusivity has helped HIMMR become one of the match-making platforms of choice for China’s social elite. A propaganda posted espousing the New Marriage Law in China.

  • Although American consumers generally use dating sites casually, Chinese people are more serious about their search for a marriage partner.
  • The show, which is similar to the American dating showThe Bachelor, matches single women from Jiayuan and Baihe with single men.
  • The best dating sites and apps in China will give you the best opportunity to find a significant other or a casual date in this country.
  • One of the largest dating sites in China, Jiayuan is packed with attractive Chinese singles in their mid 20s to early 30s.
  • As you can see, when it comes to online dating, there are so many niches and options available to you in China.
  • A digital media company reporting on the most promising technology-driven businesses and trends in the world’s emerging markets.
  • Look through recommended profiles at the top of Jiayuan’s homepage or create your own search, filtered by all the basic information you’ve specified for your own profile.
  • Through WeChat, you can do a number of things from paying for your tomatoes at the market, to work tasks, to discovering the best events happening in your city this weekend.

Send text messages, voice, photos, and precise location for free to communicate better with the people around you. Single Chinese want to date online, and many start with Momo, the popular Chinese dating app. Follow your intuition and look for help from people who really know the Chinese culture.

With the popularity of Chinese dating apps, people can easily communicate with the person you like online. In the dating market, both online dating sites are adding mobile web versions and applications to phones. The company also sells insurance for mobile phones and home electronics and runs online gaming and online dating services.

Chinese Online Dating – Finding, Dating, & Marrying

How Much Does an Ideal Chinese Online Dating Cost in 2022

Chinese people are okay with learning English because if they are in for a serious relationship, they want to get out of China, not bring you into an overpopulated country with strict immigration laws. A Chinese girl will consistently ask you for guarantees that her heart is safe with you.

If your new catch is pressing you to take her on a date and even suggesting the venue, chances are that she’s not even Chinese. If the face looks 30 years old and the bio says 18, don’t waste your time. With over 4,000 audio and video lessons at six different skill levels there is something to study for everyone. Read our blog for useful tips & tricks, as well as cultural insights that’ll enrich your understanding of the Mandarin language. Good to know that there’s such sites in the Chinese market too. Loved how you gave an informative summary to each and each of the sites had a short disclaimer of a sort for each site.

With 52.6 million users reported in May of 2021, Momo is currently one of the most popular dating apps in China. Although Momo used to be available in English and Chinese, it’s been a Chinese-language only dating app since 2014. However, there have been a number of features added recently to popular dating apps and sites in China to combat this problem.

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There’s also the option to add friends on QQ from your phone contacts list and from linked third party accounts such as Facebook. This is the best mobile dating app to use in China if you’re looking for the familiarity of Tinder, but want more connections with locals. is run by one of my most favorite online dating companies, Cupid Media. Cupid Media owns sites that I’ve used in the past like and . First Impression – You’re shown a random profile and given a list of tags to choose to describe the profile (pure and lovely, quirky, sexy style, etc.). But unless you know some Chinese, it will be a difficult, potentially frustrating experience for you. was founded in 2003 by Rose Gong, a journalism student at Fudan University in Shanghai. Not only is it the most popular dating site, it is one of the most popular websites on the entire Internet. This way, you will be virtually equidistant to multiple parts of the city, making dating a lot easier once those messages start coming in.